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Apple Launches Recycling Program for All Old Products

Apple will now accept any of its old products for recycling free of charge and may even give customers credit towards a new item.

Starting today, customers can turn in their old iPods, iPads or other device at any Apple retail store worldwide. If the items are new enough or in good condition, customers could be compensated in the form of an Apple gift card.

The new recycling program, which begins today, is part of a broader environmental responsibility campaign. The company also released a video touting its “better” business practices as an example for other tech companies to follow.

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“Better can’t be better if it doesn’t consider everyone. Our products. Our values. And an even stronger commitment to the environment for the future,” the video said. “To use greener materials, less packaging. To do everything we can to keep our products out of landfills. Changes that will benefit people as well as the planet.”

The film went on to boast about Apple’s “new data centers powered by the sun and wind” and “a new manufacturing facility that runs on 100-percent clean energy and new product designs that make use of recycled materials.”

Apple expressed a similar sentiment in a newspaper ad released today that also throws a barb at its ongoing patent feud with Samsung.

“There are some ideas we want every company to copy,” it reads.

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