7 Stats Show Mobile Marketing is Crucial for Your Business

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Mobile marketing is here to stay; businesses across all possible niches are starting to implement mobile marketing strategies successfully. And they have compelling reasons to do so.

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Below you’ll learn about the seven of the most incredible mobile marketing stats and the implications they hold for your business.

1. The new leader.

Google has predicted that mobile searches (85.9 billion) will overtake desktop-based searches (84 billion) in 2015. Search ad spending for Google mobile search grew 120.8% in 2013; desktop search ads registered a growth of just 2.3%. There will be 2 billion smartphone users globally by 2015. At present, more than 57% of America’s population owns a smartphone. That tells us where the traffic is headed. Is your business configured to take advantage of the explosive growth by mobile users?

2. Thinking local.

40% of mobile searches are local in nature. A staggering 77% occur when the searcher is not on the go, but rather at home or at work. Regardless of whether you run a restaurant or department store with a local target audience or an online store with a wider audience – the benefits of mobile marketing are impossible to ignore.

3. Quick conversions.

81% of the conversions from mobile search happen within five hours of the search. This means that you need to have the infrastructure and trained manpower in place to handle the post-search phase. Searches lead to actions such as calls, facilitated by click-to-call functionality, or visits to the business premises for further inquiries. Conversion depends upon you being found on mobile devices, providing a great user experience and being prepared to service the potential volume.

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4. Opportunities to connect.

The top five tasks for which smartphones are used are making a phone call (83%), checking email (74%), searches (67%), taking pictures (62%), and accessing social media (57%). Each of these tasks can be used by businesses to further their mobile marketing objectives. For example, with such a high percentage of users opting to check emails on mobile devices, you have an audience to capture for email newsletters. Make it easy for your users to take pics of your products and services, share it via social media and become an advocate for your business.  

5. Peak times.

The frequency of mobile searches increases in the period from 8 pm to midnight and mobile searches double during the holiday season. Taken together or individually, both facts have significant implication for marketers. Increased marketing efforts during these fertile times will expose your business to more people and yield greater benefits.

6. Not just the kids.

The 55–64 age-group constitutes the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter. For Facebook and Google+, the demographics are 45-54. How does your mobile marketing tie in with your social media presence to target relevant demographics with disposable income?

7. Apps preferred.

85% of mobile users feel more at ease with apps as compared to mobile websites. iOS apps generate nearly four times the revenue that corresponding Android apps do. The Facebook app (74%) is the most downloaded social media app followed by Google+ (53%) and then Google Search (53%). Instigate action through apps using mobile-only loyalty programs, push notifications to alert your customers of specials, discounts and special events, and most importantly, keep your business in the palm of your customers hand.  

And if you still need more proof, this should clinch it for you. 75% of smartphone users in the United States have admitted to taking their phone with them to the bathroom. Ok, so it's a little gross but shows that our mobile devices are an extension of us. So jump on to the mobile marketing gravy train, and be sure to carry a big ladle.

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