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Why Americans Hate Their Internet Service Providers (Infographic)


Think about the last time you were mad. Really mad. Teeth-grindingly, mind-numbingly outraged. If you live in the United States, there's a good chance the object of your wrath was Dish Network, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable or Comcast.

Part of what makes us so mad at these companies -- aside from their infuriating customer service practices -- is that we need what they provide so desperately. Living without high-speed Internet access and satellite TV feels about like going back to 1955. Plus, ISPs have virtually no competition in the regions they service and, ergo, their incentive to make their customers happy is painstakingly nil.

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The infographic below, generated by webmaster tool, outlines the five reasons why we Americans despise our ISPs so vehemently.

Take a look. Then, get back on the phone and yell some more at your ISP. Fruitlessly.

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Why Americans Hate Their Internet Service Providers (Infographic)

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