This State Ranks No. 1 for Bragging on Social Media

This State Ranks No. 1 for Bragging on Social Media
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What's the social-media self-promotion capital of America? Well, California, of course.

A study by the user review-powered city guide app HeyLets examined which states had the greatest self-promotional tendencies. The company polled 2,500 social-media savvy Americans on their propensities to brag via social media. Topics of self-promotion ranged from special trips, like a Facebook album of vacation pictures, to work related good news, like that tweet about how "blessed" you are upon receiving a promotion.

Leading the pack with the highest percent of residents who frequently make self-promotional social media posts is California, where 77 percent of respondents frequently engage in self-promotion. For comparison, that's more than three times as much as the most humble state, Utah.

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Here's the list of the top 20 states most prone to self-promotion. Check out where you fall – and where to move to meet friends who won't clog up your newsfeed with photos of their anniversary presents.

1:  California (77 percent frequently engage in self-promotion)

2:  Washington (76 percent)

3:  Nevada:  (72 percent)

4:  Maryland  (70 percent)

5:  New Hampshire (69 percent)

6:  Illinois (67 percent) 

7:  Virginia (66 percent)

8:  Oklahoma (64 percent)

9:  New Jersey (60 percent)

10: New York (58 percent)

11:  South Dakota (57 percent)

12:  Delaware (57 percent)

13:  Colorado (55 percent)

14:  Alabama (55 percent)

15:  Kentucky (54 percent)

16:  Indiana (53 percent)

17:  Georgia (52 percent)

18:  Minnesota (52 percent)

19:  Florida (51 percent)

20:  Texas (51 percent)


Meanwhile, the 20 most humble are:

1:  Utah (22 percent)

2:  Oregon (26 percent)

3:  South Carolina (33 percent)

4:  Kansas (34 percent)

5:  Arizona (34 percent)

6:  Arkansas (37 percent)

7:  Pennsylvania (39 percent)

8:  Massachusetts (40 percent)

9:  Rhode Island (40 percent)

10:  Wisconsin (41 percent)

11:  Connecticut (43 percent)

12:  Ohio (44 percent)

13:  North Carolina (45 percent)

14:  Maine (46 percent)

15:  Michigan (47 percent)

16:  Tennessee (47 percent) 

17:  Missouri (48 percent)

18:  Louisiana (48 percent)

19:  Mississippi (49 percent)

20:  Iowa (49 percent) 

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