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7 Cool Social Apps That Are Changing the Way We See Ourselves There is much more to social media than Facebook and Twitter.

By John Rampton Edited by Dan Bova

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With over 85.5 million month-to-month unique Facebook mobile application users, it isn't any surprise that social applications are so popular. Social apps allow you to do it all on the run. Of course, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular social platforms, and you probably have already downloaded them. However, there are lots of other applications you ought to check out. Here are seven cool social apps that are changing the way we see ourselves:


Vine allows users to take up to six-second videos and share them through Twitter or the application itself. The single-touch video continuation feature will mean you are able to shoot a multitude of scenes and integrate all of these clips into a single video. Vine possesses a similar interface to Twitter, so you can search by topic and explore other peoples' videos.

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The Looksery application utilizes its facial modification and tracking technologies to transform the face in real-time via a front facing camera upon a mobile. With a spectrum of facial filters, it is possible to explore new appearances by modifying all facial features, and immediately transforming into a three-dimensional animated avatar. You can appear as the avatar during live video messaging. This app, which just launched a new version, is currently ranked number one in Mexico and in the top ten of several other countries, including Brazil, Chile, Russia, among others.


It is possible to create photographic effects and fun photograph montages on the Internet in a few clicks! Do you want to have some photograph fun, make funny photo collages and pictures with your photographs? Check out Funny.Pho.to! Here you'll discover cool photograph effects, photograph collages, e-card templates and photograph templates that have face detection, which lets you change your face on a photograph.

To develop a photograph collage or apply a fun effect to a photograph, all you have to do is select a template and click on its preview, then upload the photo(s). You can upload images from the hard drive, through a web URL or click a photograph you uploaded earlier. Also, you can use their sample photographs. You'll see how it is simple, you will only be two steps away from a cool photograph effect!

If you like your result, share or save it on a social network, to your computer, on their free photograph hosting or into the Pho.to account. If you wish to further experiment, you can press the "change effect" or "change photo" buttons. Also, you can ""start again." Below the result picture, you'll see effects which others used recently. Click on a preview if you wish to generate the same photograph effect.

Color Splash

Color Splash allows you to easily and quickly give photographs a dramatic appearance by converting them to white and black, as you keep your selected details in color. The effect will draw a viewers' attention to the areas that are colored, and create amazing images.

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AutoStitch Panorama

AutoStitch Panorama is the best quality panorama application obtainable on the App Store. It enerates gorgeous, wide-angle panoramas of around 18 megapixels, without any visible seams.

AutoStitch Panorama includes the only panorama application which may stitch photographs in any arrangement or order, which includes horizontal, vertical or mixed arrangements. It will achieve excellent image quality by stitching a full-resolution camera image, instead of a low-resolution video frame as utilized in other applications.


WhatsApp includes an easy way to message free of charge. There is a reason Facebook acquired this app for $19 billion earlier in 2014, and that is because WhatsApp is what all messaging apps ought to aim to be. It is free to use, designed well, possesses a thriving user base, and allows you to send videos, pictures, voice messages, and texts.

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Snapchat is the top photo messaging application available. Snapchat started as just an application for sharing self-destructing videos and photos to your friends, but it has rapidly evolved into the number-one application for visual communication. With its Stories feature, you now can weave together videos and photos into a sort of visual status, and you can also send texts from directly inside the application.

Because of social networking applications, it never has been simpler to keep in contact with friends. Most of the best available social networking applications have been around for some time now. However, as smartphones get smarter, so will the apps. Now you have the ability to do more than ever.

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