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A Reality Show That Hits Home With the Problems of Hiring


How tough is it to find good help at small businesses?

Just watch.

A new online reality show launches today, Whatever It Takes The Ultimate Job Interview, that gets to the heart of why it's so difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find and hire great people. The idea came when Whatever It Takes founder (and contributor) Grant Cardone himself had trouble hiring.

"We interviewed over 800 people to work for my company here and were only able to hire six and were wrong on four of them," Cardone said. "Due to the amount of regulations when hiring we were unable to find the right people for our company."  

So what did Cardone do?  He created a TV show and auditioned people so that he could get around the regulations, ask what he wanted, push people to the extreme to find out if they actually fit his culture.  

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Cardone says he didn’t care if people were smart or even what their skill set was only that he was looking for people willing to do Whatever It Takes to work with him.  

Entrepreneurs that have tried expanding their businesses know the problem with hiring too well. Amid generally high unemployment, surveys from the National Federation of Independent Business have shown small-business owners have open positions, but a perceived lack of strong candidates to fill them. In the tech industry, the problems have been more pronounced.

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Ray Hennessey

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Ray Hennessey is the former editorial director of Entrepreneur.