Slim Down: Acer's Newest Smartphone Launch Looks Promising

Slim Down: Acer's Newest Smartphone Launch Looks Promising
Image credit: Acer

Liquid Jade Z

Liquid Jade Z, a new, feature-rich smartphone by Acer, at first glance mirrors similar counterparts with a 5” HD IPS display, Gorilla Glass 3, and a 13 MP rear camera. However, closer inspection reveals noteworthy enhancements like Bright Magic which integrates multiple pictures into one single shot and provides surround light to guarantee great photos- even in low light conditions. AcerEXTEND allows you to control your device wirelessly from a Windows-based PC and AcerNAV, a free online navigation tool powered by TomTom, gives Acer Liquid smartphone users the flexibility to navigate without a data package. All of these trimmings are presented in a thin body with an arresting, curved surface, and slim at 7.9mm and weighing in at only 110 grams, Liquid Jade Z is comfortable to hold and use with one hand. Multitaskers, this one is for you!

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