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Extreme Streaming: You Can Now Host a Periscope Broadcast Directly From Your GoPro

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Periscope, a livestreaming app owned by Twitter, and gadget maker GoPro have teamed up so users can livestream directly from their extreme-action cameras.


Previously, Periscope explained in a blog post announcing the alliance, broadcasters had to “put their phones in some precarious situations” in order to stream their daring escapades, including taping them to drones, tying them to balloons and even submerging them underwater.

Now, after connecting your GoPro to Wi-Fi, a GoPro button will automatically appear on the Periscope app once a user opts to go live. GoPro will then record the footage at the same time that it is streaming on Periscope. Double-tapping the screen allows users to toggle between an iPhone camera and a GoPro, “much like a production switchboard,” GoPro says. Even for more subdued situations, the feature enables broadcasters to “set up a two-camera shot for more dynamic storytelling in real time.”

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For now, the capability is only available on iPhones and the GoPro HERO 4 Black and Silver devices, though broadcasts can be viewed from anywhere.

The partnership arrives at a difficult time for both companies. GoPro laid off 7 percent of its workforce earlier this month as it warned that its fourth quarter earnings, which it will report next Wednesday, will be “lower than anticipated.”

Meanwhile Twitter, which recently integrated Periscope broadcasts directly within users’ timelines, has announced several product and management shakeups as it struggles to attract new users.

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