On A Right Track - Atul Pimple Shares His Loves For Trekking

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Atul Pimple is a technocrat and commands 14 years of ERP industry experience. An adventurous trekker, who has covered major trek routes in the Himalayas several times, Pimple shares his love for trekking and more.

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Atul Pimple, Jt. Managing Director, EPPS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Age: 37

Favorite Spirit: Single Malts

Favorite cuisine: Southeast Asian cuisine that includes a balance of stir frying, boiling and steaming.

Favorite Gadget: My 3-in- 1 solar-powered charger with a built-in storage and LED lamp.

Favorite Sport: Hiking. Recently, developed a liking for Badminton that gives me and my wife some quality time to unwind.

Workout Routine: 1 hour of functional training five days a week. Occasionally, I run about 10 km.

The Way I unwind: On daily basis, my six-year-old son is my ultimate stress buster. Occasionally, a small hike to mountains or beach is just perfect.

I Splurge on: Travelling, only available time defines the limits. If time permits, I can go crazy, exploring the world.

I Drive: A German machine – a Volkswagen Sedan

I Travel for: Food and nature, and to run away from the routine

Hobbies: Traveling

Trekking to you is: Living my passion, it soothes me and drives me crazy at the same time.


Favorite Trek Route: Chadar Trek, Ladakh region