5 Two-Wheel Apps Changing Transportation

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Two wheeler transport may not have the charm of four wheeler mainstream taxis like Uber, Ola and other cab services, but are undoubtedly advantageous. You’re faster wriggling through traffic and there’s no more heart pounding frustration staring at bumper in front of you. Fares will automatically be cheaper since fuel costs are significantly lower. You’re also putting a lighter carbon footprint in the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone!


If you don’t mind the elements of urban city life directly in your face, or are commuting short distances, two wheel taxis may be right for you.


Rapido has recently announced the launch of their bike taxi services and operations in Gurgaon.  The app follows a streamline simple approach to bookings using a familiar model, as used by giant transport start-ups. The number of bikes in service is currently just 50 but the company aims to expand soon and has demonstrated success before with repeated customers using the transport as an efficient way to commute.

Hey Bob - Your Bike Taxi

Their key selling point is they offer bike rides without too much waiting time and no surge charge. Again, the number in circulation are ridiculously low and there are several horrible reviews on the Google play Store, but the user should make their own informed decision.

Bixxie Pink

The female version of the original two wheeler taxi app, Bixxie blue, Bixxie pink is exclusively run by women and for women. It charges a standard rate of Rs 5 per KM and offers women the comfort and safety of travelling with a woman driver.


Baxi claims to be “India’s 1st on-demand bike taxi company” and has gained popularity in Gurgaon and Faridabad. The base fare is Rs4/km and Rs.1/minute. Customers also get a helmet before the ride and are provided a wet wipe tissue at the end.


Targeting short routes where you’d usually have to pay huge amounts including last-mile connectivity, such as offices, schools, colleges, residential areas and from metro/bus stations, the app offers good customer support system that’s 24/7. Although it is priced higher than its rivals, the frequency is good and has better reviews than a lot of other apps.

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