On The Fly: Four Nutrition Tips For Terminal-Weary Entrepreneurs

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Hopping on a plane and travelling to get the job done has undoubtedly become the norm. While it’s true that travel has become a great deal easier, there definitely is a toll paid when it comes to your well being. To keep you at your prime, here are four easy health tips for the terminal-to-terminal ‘treps.


1. Drink up

Being literally “on the fly,” your body requires that you be in optimum shape to battle off stress-related blows. Flying causes dehydration and results in water-retention. You don’t want heaviness and fatigue holding you back when you’ve made the effort to seal the deal abroad. Aim for the average two liters of water, and cut down on the usual suspects: coffee, tea, and alcohol.

2. The in-betweens

What you don’t want to do is get to the point of being hungry and settling for the first thing you find, whether on the plane, at the airport or a restaurant. To keep your appetite in check, always have satisfying snacks within reach. You may opt for scheduling your snack between meals and packing light– a low-fat and low-sugar protein bar does a great job of replenishing the essentials, while promoting your satiety for longer stretches of time.  

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3. Plan ahead

Most airlines give you the option of pre-selecting your in-flight meal. In such cases, the choice of a low-calorie meal would be perfect. If you’ve landed and you’re heading to a restaurant, then a plan will help you stick to the right choices. Knowing your need of greens for the day, you ask for a salad first (dressing on the side). Then, keeping in mind your choice of protein, aim to stick to that. Having your meal in mind before looking at the menu will definitely help fight temptation to stray.

4. Empty the mini bar

There is almost always a convenience store nearby where you can stock up on munchies. Ask the hotel to empty your mini bar, and use the now empty fridge to store your chosen foods. My travel favorite would be nutrient-rich yogurt- it curbs a craving, and keeps you on my game a little longer. Quick and easy snacks include high-fiber cereal with non-fat or low-fat milk, and unsalted nuts. Make it a habit to have them around, and let these healthy options be the first thing that comes to mind when you start running low on energy.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, travel is stressful. Your body needs the right nutrients to win the fight to stay up and running. To master frequent flying, fuel-up well by maintaining your precious energy levels via staying hydrated, a nutritious diet, and restful sleep. See you in the air!

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