Five Immunity Boosters For 'Treps

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Superhuman strength is out of the question, but what is possible is preventing the slip that could leave you under the sheets for days. This means incorporating healthy living strategies in your lifestyle. No one can afford to stay in for days at a time with a zero productivity output, so here are five ways to make sure you're staying on your feet.

1. Beat Stress

Daily stress, whether from work, lack of sleep, or anything else, does result in having a lowered level of immunity. There are several items to check off of your list if you want to put the proper defenses in place. Eat well, sleep well, move often, and take a moment to breathe every now and then.

2. Nutrition

Making a habit out of a well-rounded and balanced diet is the ideal way to keep bad eating habits in check. Antioxidants help your body from experiencing wear out by putting metabolic oxidants on an even keel. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in color are usually also rich in different antioxidants. Want to bring out the big guns? Ginger and garlic have long been considered as a holistic remedy for many illnesses due to their antimicrobial capacities. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have them as your central defense.

3. Savor the Sunshine

A low level of vitamin D has been found to be associated with recurring seasonal cold and flu. That, and vitamin D is a topic of interest to many more researchers who are finding links to serious illnesses. Schedule some time outdoors or at the beach once a week for good sun exposure. This of course doesn't mean that you should forgo covering up, and using a high SPF for good sun safety.

4. Maintenance

The best way to monitor the status on the inside is by having regular blood work done up, and the necessary checkups done once every six months. This way, you're ruling out any micronutrient related weakness, and you'll be making sure that your systems are running just fine. It also puts your mind at ease, knowing that things are running smoothly, not to mention alerting you of possible imbalances in your system before they can escalate to becoming a serious issue.

5. Mind the Mood

It appears that your mood actually does play a role! Studies have shown that feeling down deals your immunity a blow, so give yourselves reasons to be positive and upbeat on a daily basis. It was found that both laughter and social ties have the ability to support your immune system. Treat yourselves to some time out every now and then. No one's complained about that before!