Three Tips For An Energy-Efficient Lifestyle

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It's ironic how the more we move towards faster workflow and "productivity" (as a measure of just getting more done), the more of a need we have for wellness programs, both corporate and commercial, and the more we find ourselves fighting chronic stress-related "malfunctions" or setbacks. So, in other words, the more we attempt to accomplish, the greater the risk we are at for burnout, and the greater the risk we have of being hit with any one of the numerous health issues that impede our very basic ability and pleasure of Living (yes, with a capital L). If that says anything, then it is that it's time we realize the tremendous misfortune in that formula, and reroute before we're at the edge of the cliff.


Chronic stress has been linked to all sorts of illnesses, and will probably continue to be associated with a myriad of health obstacles. Unfortunately, when we do realize that we're feeling the pressure and things are out of control, we're already teetering on the edge. Unfortunately, that is when we tend to either a) plan time off or b) break down. Either way, it's too little too late.

Part of not losing control is to account for the energy that you allocate to the different things you do, and roles you play. Tony Hchaime, a high performance coach, believes time-management is a total waste, and I believe that too. Being energy-efficient is key to not only being productive, but also to being satisfied in all the roles that you play. And so, it's essential to your very basic ability to live that you plan in a way that you can give the greatest energy and attention to all that you do. The moment you start feeling that you really aren't in control- that's the edge. It's not the time to plan, it's the time to act. Here are three things to keep in mind when doing just that:

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1. Know your highs and lows

Realizing the best hours of creative vs. analytical thinking, keeping meetings short, and limiting distractions all serve to maximize on the energy put into performing during those hours. Energy-efficient planning on a day-to-day basis will take you a long way.

2. Schedule in social events and days off

Isolation is a stressor, and so making time to meet people is one thing you can control and work to your advantage. You'd also be doing yourself a tremendous favor by planning your days off ahead of time– preferably pacing yourself to avoid burnout.

3. Keep the bigger picture in mind

The main reason we're all running to get things done is to be able to live the life we want. If the journey is a complete mess, you can't exactly say that you're on your way. Work towards goals, plan your journey, but remember that life happens while you're busy making plans.

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