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Entrepreneur's Conclave Will Scout For Promising Entrepreneurs In Oman

Entrepreneur's Conclave Will Scout For Promising Entrepreneurs In Oman
Image credit: Experiment Events

In a bid to discover entrepreneurial talent in Oman and to create a platform displaying success stories of emerging and established Omani entrepreneurs, Experiment Events, along with Sharakah and Startup Oman, is organizing Entrepreneur’s Conclave 2016 over the course of the month of May in Oman.

Themed “Dive Into Your Destiny,” the event is structured in the form of a series of workshops. along with a physical outdoor activity that will aim to teach entrepreneurs to push their boundaries and meet challenges. The third edition of the conclave has a larger aim of bringing to focus the “most promising young entrepreneurs of the nation.” Interested entrepreneurs need to register for the conclave before April 27 explaining their business model, and the jury then picks 30 candidates with businesses that have the potential to help supplement growth of Oman’s economy, meeting specified selection criteria.

Entrepreneurs at Entrepreneur's Conclave 2015. Image credit: Experiment Events.

Divided into three phases (“Learn, Survive and Grow”) the conclave includes case-study oriented workshops on handling operational issues, teamwork, management etc. on May 6, a diving activity for the entrepreneurs to encourage risk-taking on May 07, and then a training program helping participants hone their pitching skills on May 14. The event will conclude with a five-minute pitch competition for the 30 finalist entrepreneurs to present their business idea to a panel including investors and entrepreneurs on May 30.

Besides creating an opportunity to learn the nuances of growing and pitching ventures and a platform to network with the ecosystem, the event offers OMR10,000 worth of a media package from SABCO media for the final winner, who will also represent the 2017 edition of the conclave as its brand ambassador.

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