Now it's Possible to Upgrade Storage on Every Mac Sold Since the Past 15+ Years

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Macs were introduced to the world as a machine that that was so different, so incredibly beautiful in design that users will simply look past its relatively slow technology and hardware. Using advertising and PR strategies that revolutionized and fooled markets worldwide, Apple sold an unimaginable amount of machines since its launch and the annual launch events continue to awe and inspire millions of eager buyers worldwide even right now. Despite their ridiculous overpricing, MacBooks have become a symbol of elegance and (because of their brilliant advertising) a sign of knowledgeable designers or creative artists.


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Most dedicated MacBook users swear by the power of their machines, even after years since its launch. However, typical of Apple’s restrictive policies on all its products, MacBooks cannot be upgraded easily. If you’re an owner of a 2013 model of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with retina display and were on the down low side of cash while buying your machine and end up thinking you could adjust with the little storage and now regret your decision, don’t fret, because you’re not alone. Sure, you could get an external hard disk and use that to store your not so important data, but that is never as convenient and easy as the inbuilt drive. And external SSD drives are ridiculously expensive! If you decide to cheap out on buying a regular hard disk instead of an SSD (which you definitely shouldn’t), you can notice the extreme speed and stability difference immediately between you machine’s inbuilt hard disk and your external drive.

Several companies have launched options to customize and modify your MacBooks besides from just stickers and vinyl. OWC launched its newest addition to its Aura line of SSD’s to replace your stock storage with larger upgradable storage for the very first time for these models .Here’s everything you need to know about the upgrade-

Who should be attracted to the upgrade options?

Anyone who wants to get more out of their late model MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display! In particular, owners of those machines who bought systems with minimal factory-installed storage, sometimes as small as 128GB, would benefit greatly in upgrading their internal storage to the 1TB PCIe Aura SSD. This is the first and only flash-based PCIe storage upgrade available for 2013 and newer MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display.

In particular, users that would require larger storage include:

  • Designers
  • Movie and multimedia buffs
  • Sound and video engineers/editors
  • Practically anyone upset with the storage of your computer being as much as your cell phone

There’s worldwide deliveries

Individual customers can order through for international shipping without waiting for the agonizing amount of time after-sales markets reach India. Alternatively, for a faster a delivery, Indian users can also order from Redington India .

What you can expect from upgrading your storage

  • Unless you have very specific performance issues or reasons to upgrade your entire machine for its processing power, you can delay upgrading and spending phenomenal amounts of money over a new laptop anytime soon.
  • Expanded inbuilt storage makes life much more convenient, and naturally, with more storage!
  • Boost your system performance up to 92x as compared to a traditional hard disk
  • Faster boot up times than a hard disk
  • Manage large files with ease and without delay
  • Now upgrade any and every Mac released in the past 15+ years