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Here's why you should ditch your Hard Disk for a Solid State Drive (SSD) RIGHT NOW Samnsung has launched the world's largest SSD - 16 TB - estimated to cost around 8,000US$. Here's why it costs so much

By Rustam Singh

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Samsung recently announced a staggeringly huge Solid State Drive (SSD) – the largest one ever invented on our planet at 15 TB. Make no mistake – 15 TB is equivalent to more than 15,000 GB and much, much more than any home user will ever logically require. Even if you're a movie hoarder like me, you cannot top 2-3 TBs of data. That isn't a challenge for some very anti-social nerds, but for the average movie stocker and gamer, 4TB is just about enough to brag to your friends of your large storage. Although the formal price has not yet been revealed, it is estimated to reach around 8000 US$, or Rs 5,60,000. This can probably buy you the top of the line Alienware computer about 3-4 times.

So regardless of what the purpose of such a device maybe, what exactly is a SSD and why is it so expensive as compared to a regular Hard Disk? Solid State Drives offer several advantages that regular hard disk can never compare to because of their design structure. Here are some of them:

Ridiculously faster than HDDs

Several brands of SSDs claim to run almost 8 times faster than your standard HDD. This speed is much more significantly noticeable in usage as compared to your regular RAM upgrade. Especially useful if you want your machine to be involved in heavy data transfer, installing and uninstalling heavy applications, gaming or designing.

Faster boot loading times

Faster storage means faster boot-up times. So fast sometimes you can assume your laptop wears just sleep instead of shut down. Even heavy graphic/sound processing software's load in a blink of an eye. Faster loading, faster saving and faster processing means performance you can measure.

Much, much more reliable

Any business that has had its hard disk crashing knows the loss of its storage device dying. Hard Disk are extremely unreliant – they can completely crash for no apparently reason whenever they wish. This can result the loss of important data when you least expect it. SSD have significantly more life and longer read-write cycles. They can survive years longer and are much more reliable.

Damage protection

SSDs can sustain significantly more vibrations and shock absorption before crashing because they have no moving parts. This means if you drop your company laptop you will not risk data loss, which is the most significant part of any computer. Accidental drops, magnetic exposures or electricity short-circuit, rust, header damage is all encient issues you'd never have to deal with using an SSD.

Smaller and lighter

SSDs are significantly smaller and lighter – meaning they can significantly reduce the size and structure of your laptop despite being high in storage capacity.

Say goodbye to defragmentation

SSDs are not impacted by defragmentation. You'd never have to defragment. All data is easily accessible by your OS and even searches are blazing fast – today and months later.

Heat, electricity and noise

Since SSDs have no moving parts, no magnets, no rotation is needed and thus uses significantly lesser power, generate much less heat and noise. In a laptop this transforms into a much cooler laptop, which doesn't produce as much noise and increases your battery life.

Has your company thought of switching to SSDs or at least for your designers and editing machines? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page, Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh

Sub-Editor- Entrepreneur.com

Tech reporter.

Contact me if you have a truly unique technology related startup looking for a review and coverage, especially a crowd-funded project looking to launch and coverage.


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