How Entrepreneurship And Education Can Go Together

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It gets a little hard to decide where to begin when talking about the problems in Indian education system. From lack of promoting curricular (it’s time we get rid of the word ‘extra’); to focusing on just getting marks, whichever way you choose; the belief that one examination will determine your life; and decrease in number of teachers, our system could use all the help it gets right now.

To initiate one such issue, Aakash Educational Services collaborated with director and actor Anant Mahadevan, to discuss these problems through a movie titled 'Roughbook'. It showcases how both students and teachers are caught up in the system and both look for alteration but there seems to be no way out. Being in this business for long, Aakash Chaudhry said how they get to know about both problems and solution from their students and how they address the need of the hour. This approach has to be continued.

Brilliant work is being done in this domain by the many EdTech startups, which have seen a growth in the recent years. They are interactive, convenient and changing the foundation of education system. They are really helping students cope up with their studies. Additionally, they are giving students, and everyone who wants to gain knowledge, a chance to learn something more than just textbook education in the most unconventional ways.

This is when we talk about school education. College education is a different issue altogether. The debate that one should even go to college to have a successful life began with tech legends such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who all have one thing in common – they all dropped out of college and turned out to be more successful than many college graduates put together. But one has to understand that entrepreneurship and education has to go together. And though one might drop out of college, education never stops. It just changes forms.

Speaking about how education and education should go together, Aakash Chaudhry said in an interview to Entrepreneur India, “At the end of the day, entrepreneurship doesn’t just mean making money, it also means to how to run an organization successfully, it is also about forming ideas, executing them and taking them to the world.”

To make this happen, entrepreneurship schools are a great idea. Other than this, entrepreneurship should be promoted as a subject by schools. Suggesting the same, Aakah Chaudhry said, “We always encourage students to come up with their own ideas and how they can help themselves perform better, and that’s the whole idea of entrepreneurship. Being a coaching institute we train students for a specific exam but is tomorrow entrance body includes a subject on entrepreneurship, we'll be happily accepting it."