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Microsoft and Facebook Are Laying an Internet Cable Across the Atlantic -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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In the clear. A jury ruled Google did not violate copyright laws by using Oracle software in its Android devices.

Out of reach. Microsoft and Facebook are working together to lay an Internet cable across the Atlantic.

Name your price. With a number of different features, users are noticing Uber’s surge-pricing tools aren’t always consistent -- or even announced.

Packing up. Twitter's head of business development and head of media and commerce both announced they are leaving the company.

Getting the green. After its latest funding round, Snapchat is valued at $18 billion.

Not so happy. McDonald’s has a pop-up with free fries in Sydney, but folks aren’t too happy about it.

A balanced diet. Taco Bell is now wrapping its chalupas with fried chicken.

Unlocked. This new Apple invention uses the iPhone as a car key.

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