Stop Now! These Habits Are Killing Your Productivity

Stop Now! These Habits Are Killing Your Productivity
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You don't even realise what you are doing to yourself by practising some habits that are counterproductive and get in the way of achieving success at workplace. So, what is it that is hurting your productivity - is it too much work, too many distractions or the soft boundaries around you that lets in too much? Let's find out:

You can't say No

We cannot please people all the time. For most of us, saying no is extremely difficult as we want to be seen as an efficient employee, a likeable person, helpful co-worker or a perfect team player, but if you say yes to too many things, you will not be able to do them all and end up not being that efficient worker or that helpful co-worker. It is counterproductive, to say the least. Learn to say No, it is alright.


This keeps us busy without doing anything! Your mind is so full of work that your body actually does no work. You start to do one thing, jump to another midway, then start something else, and end up not finishing any work. This gets you tired and frustrated. Take up one task, complete it and then move to another, don't allow yourself to get distracted.

Biggest Threat to Work

Internet browsing and cell phones - particularly Facebook and WhatsApp are the biggest enemies of productivity. You quickly try to finish work to reply to a WhatsApp message or check 'likes' on your selfie post. Checking internet, browsing websites - all this is so impulsive that we don't realise how they eat up our time and we end up rushing through our work as the day nears ends.


One tends to put off the most difficult work for later in the day. We like to start our day with easy work that can be done in least time. By putting off work for later there are high chances of it not getting done at all. Don't let such a situation arise, get that difficult, boring work off your back, quickly.

Compulsive digital hoarder

Do you like to keep every email and document thinking you might need it later? Saving every document takes up space on your computer and most likely you will not find 'that' important mail when you need, if your inbox is cluttered and disorganised. Respond to emails on time, don't let them pile up, delete the ones you have responded to. Keep your desktop clean, it helps increase your productivity.

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