Two Years Post Spin-Off, This CEO Now Aims His Company To Add $500 Mln In Revenue By 2020

Two Years Post Spin-Off, This CEO Now Aims His Company To Add $500 Mln In Revenue By 2020
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What does it take for a company to get spun out of a larger firm and start over its journey afresh? One needs to start building his brand from the scratch and make it known as a standalone entity. During this process, it takes a lot of effort and brand building skills for the CEO of the company, to anchor his firm and build a new team which is capable of starting afresh.

Raj Mamodia, who could barely speak English in his early 20s, was given the herculean task of building Brillio, which was spun out of Collabera Inc, which provides professional information technology recruiting, staffing, consulting, and business services to companies.

Brillio is a global technology consulting and business solutions company, enables the successful transformation of businesses by utilizing emerging technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies

Starting out all over again

“A spin off situation gave us the opportunity to start fresh and served the purpose very effectively. However, to be able to live the promise of the brand one needs to be much disciplined in execution. First and foremost, it was important to have a very inspired and engaged leadership team. If a few thousand people in the company believe in the vision and can commit to the execution, then everyone in the world starts seeing the brand that way,” Raj said.

Raj, who had previously worked with firms like Cognizant and IBM where he held various leadership positions, has a new, ambitious goal at Brillio – to reach over 500mn in revenue by 2020. The company is well on its way to hitting this mark, growing both organically and through acquisitions. Brillio recently acquired data analytics firm Marketelligent and also invested in big data and machine learning silicon valley companies Arundo and Albeado. Brillio has over 2,300 employees who now service Brillio’s client roster of 30 of the Fortune 500 companies. “Our ability to take a holistic approach to digital has allowed us to driver large scale transformations for our customers.  Along with that, our investment in speed has allowed us to compete against niche companies and larger IT services companies alike and succeed,” he added.

Team building strategy

“ Once we had that in place, and after our vision became a reality, we started building on our success.  We also quickly started identifying areas where we needed to upgrade the team. I would say our strong vision and early success allowed us to tap in to top talent from top management consultancy firms, Silicon Valley, and top firms in India. Often, new talent is attracted to Brillio because of our leadership team,” he said.

Possibility of getting sold

At a time, when other industry players are constantly in a consolidation spree and larger players like Wipro and Infosys have chosen to acquire boutique firms to expand into digital services, Brillio claims to buck the trend for now.

“Our belief is that the journey we are on has significant growth potential and there is no digital leader that can lead customers through this vast change better than Brillio. Of course, there are niche companies focused on big data, analytics, or cloud but they lack scale.  There are large IT services / outsourcing companies with investments in digital but they don’t have the culture to be agile and innovative.  That is where Brillio fits in and that’s our big opportunity,” Raj said. The company aims is to be the single largest digital leader by 2020.


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