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No Strings Attached: Skullcandy Introduces The Grind Wireless

No Strings Attached: Skullcandy Introduces The Grind Wireless
Image credit: Skullcandy

Skullcandy, the brand synonymous with cool audio accessories, has cut the cord on its popular Grind headphones.

Image credit: Skullcandy.

The new Grind Wireless are Bluetooth enabled, on-ear headphones that sound as good as they look. Available in six color combinations, Grind Wireless supports up to 33 ft. of long-range wireless connectivity. And what about actual listening time? Get ready for up to 12 hours of sound on a fully charged battery. The brand didn’t eliminate features to make this version possible either. Instead, Skullcandy has integrated a microphone into the right earcup so that you can receive calls while paired to a smartphone. Also included is a backup AUX cable in the box just in case you want to plug in, otherwise enjoy your favorite tunes with no strings attached.

Image credit: Skullcandy.

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