Solving Women's Problems Through Innovative Startup

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Entrepreneurs have a tendency to get struck by ideas every now and then. Sometimes the inception of these ideas come from a problem the society is facing as a whole, and sometimes it's out of a personal predicament. Facing one such predicament was Vikas Bagaria, and he has one hell of a solution for it.


In the case of safety and sanitation, there have been many attempts made by the individuals to offer the best services to the customers. But, an out-of-the-box idea could not be really designed. On a road trip, Bagaria’s wife suggested him the need of clean toilet seat spray and he turned it into a venture. He came up with Safety Kart and Pee Safe, which address the sanitation and women safety needs of customers.

Life before starting up

I joined family business of Material Handling Equipment after completing my education. After moving to Delhi in 1999, V R Forklift Marketing Private Limited was started by me. The knowledge of economics and Computer along with business acumen-ship helped me in reaching out to international companies for technical tie-ups.

Entrepreneurship, the prime business mantra

I always wanted to do challenging stuff and all my business startups are offbeat. Entrepreneurship has always been my dream. 


After an initial struggling period of 1999-2005, I was well settled in life with two highly profitable businesses. On Dec 16, 2012, an unfortunate incident of Nirbhaya Rape Case shocked me and gave me a challenge and idea to come out with an online store for Women Safety Products. That's how SafetyKart was born. 

What's in name!

After the Nirbhaya Rape case,  SafetyKart was doing fairly well, but, making no profits and we were in serious look out for white label products. On one of our Road trips along with my wife Srijana, she wanted to use Public washrooms, but the unhygienic conditions gave her an idea and we converted into a Startup. She said why can't we have a toilet Seat sanitizer spray for the public washrooms.

Business Mock up

Our business model for PeeSafe is very simple. We sell directly to a consumer via online platform SafertyKart and we have a channel of distribution for offline sales. All our team members are equally responsible for our success.

Tips for beginners 

This is a very competitive world. If you want to set up a business (startup) for making quick money, it's better for you be employed. If you wanted to make value and make profits on your own money, this is the place for a long run. Believe me, it's a 24x7 job and you will have to miss a lot of things to become a success. But be honest and dedicated and success will be yours.  

Learning from mentor

None other than my father and my sister has been my mentor in my entrepreneurial journey. My father is a self-made man and had started material handling business in India in 1964. My sister Suman Nathwani started her business at the age of 16 from our house and how she worked hard and became India's 1st and most successful sleep wear designer. These two people's hard-work, honesty, and empowering others’ skills helped me in what I am today.  

Business mantra

Stay honest to yourself, never quit and develop something keeping in mind consumer's need. Be humble and don’t hurt anyone.  

Mr. Bagaria’s business models, namely, SafetyKart and PeeSafe are productive. These businesses cover safety of women and toilet hygiene, a field which remains untapped but very crucial in today's time

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