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This Guy Knows What Drives Business Success

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Every journey starts with a single step. But what if you’re itching to launch your very first business but don’t have the slightest clue how to go about it?

Sure, you can take the plunge, trust your fate to luck, and see what comes next. You can bet on the slim chance that your venture will succeed or embrace failure each time it rears its ugly head. You’d be amazed at the cost of some of these failures. Emotional and mental stress among founders of failed startups can be crippling. Monetary losses can be staggering. 

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Fortunately, you don't need to walk the entrepreneurial path blindfolded. You can seek people who've made the trek and came back with nuggets of empirical wisdom to share.

So, meet Guy Kawasaki, who helped turn the Macintosh into a cultural icon and who encourages everyone to discover their innate artistry on Canva, the online graphic design tool. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur of any skill level or experience level, Kawasaki can help you peel away layers of uncertainty in the business formation process -- from when you formulate a business idea to the moment the idea gets validated by the market -- in more detailed video lectures here available to our readers.

From a crisp overview of entrepreneurship to the key factors that drive success, his “The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship” will equip you with the tools you need to launch and run a thriving business.

By completing the eight exciting video chapters, expect to...

  • Master the techniques for building your own company

  • Learn how to evolve and unleash your brand

  • Identify and avoid startup pitfalls  

  • Watch a real entrepreneur make a pitch to Guy Kawasaki

  • Explore key approaches to raising funds

  • Get tips on how to build a successful team

  • Develop social media skills for marketing your startup

Many pioneers in business spent a lifetime perfecting their craft and charting the roadmaps that will take a company to success. In contrast, you can take the shortcut to building real-world entrepreneurial skills via Kawasaki’s four-hour entrepreneurship video lectures.

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Kawasaki knows the exact spot where you should start a business: at the “intersection of your expertise, passion, and market opportunity”. To move your business idea into reality, check out his lectures here.

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