How Entrepreneurs Can Opt For Innovative Advertising And Monetization Solutions To Earn ROI

How Entrepreneurs Can Opt For Innovative Advertising And Monetization Solutions To Earn ROI
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Traditional offline advertising is still at large in our country with people looking to opt for Trio of media advertising – print, TV and radio. This trio still dominates the advertising market with more than half of the ad spend leaning towards it. But with the recent technology evolution, this trend has changed. Businesses across the country are moving towards online advertising.

For brands looking to create an international presence, traditional forms of advertising are not proving to be of much help. On the other hand, online advertising provides fast and apt results for the brands and are helping them in getting recognized by customers from around the world.

While traditional offline advertising is used by many companies to drive customer engagement, many businesses are trying online ads. It helps them to target and retarget their desired audience across various search engines and websites across the internet.

With the startup India initiative, a lot of startups and entrepreneurs have come up in the past year. India is seeing a revolution with many small startups coming up and trying to challenge the big brands and corporates out there. These entrepreneurs want to run the big race and in order to do us, they have a dire need of being recognized by the world.

With a small team and an even small budget advertising in print and television can be really hard for these startups. As the return on investments (ROI) may sometimes be less than the advertising cost and the ads may not even reach the desired audience.

With online advertising booming in the country, many startups are preferring to target their market with it. With small allocations and higher reach, online advertising can help entrepreneurs to get in front of their target audience. This also helps to create a brand recognition not only in the local market but in the international market.

Being new to the advertising market, how can an entrepreneur opt for innovative advertising and monetization solution. How can it help them to earn a better ROI and create brand recognition among their customers?

The answer is, by finding a suitable ad tech company that can help entrepreneurs with these problems. Being an advertiser, selecting a platform that lets you optimize your campaigns, set bid price and target audience is what an entrepreneur should look for. Choose innovative ad formats that are catchy and engaging increases the chances of the ad being clicked and creating brand recognition. Targeting audience based on various factors like demographics, location, devices etc. not only helps in getting your products in front of your audience but also helps in earning a better ROI.

As a publisher, a programmatic ad tech company with an RTB enabled platform can help you to advertise on your website. It gives you access to multiple demand side platforms(DSPs) providing you with options. Innovative ad units which are interactive and intriguing lets the visitor engage with them. Also, ads which are in sync with the content on the webpage, have more chances of being clicked and earning you a greater revenue.

For an entrepreneur to opt for online advertising, either as a publisher or an advertiser is a good way to create awareness about their existence and promote their products. But choosing a right ad tech company is what matters the most. As programmatic advertising is still booming and proving to be a useful method for companies in our country. It can be really helpful as it replaces the old methods of buying and selling of media through agencies and ad networks and brings in more transparency and efficiency.Programmatic advertising is not the future but the present and is helping brands in our country to go global and make a name in the international market. The benefits of this are innumerable.

Advertising a product or brand online is more effective and efficient as it saves a lot of time. Advertisements get published within a fraction of seconds and is not bound by geographical boundaries. It reaches to consumers all across the globe helping build a global brand name. Ad campaigns are measurable and can be improvised based on its performance past experience. Publishers get to show their readers highly innovative and content related ads which are not annoying or interruptive, enabling them earn more.

Online advertising provides various ways of placing an advertisement on the internet making it more engaging for the consumers. The development of automation in India is helping advertising grow through the means of internet. With the new channels still being introduced, online will soon take over other forms of advertising in India.

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