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How One Entrepreneur Growth Hacked His Way To $4 Million In 2 Years

How One Entrepreneur Growth Hacked His Way To $4 Million In 2 Years

Sabri Suby, CEO of King Kong

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You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.
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Sabri Suby, CEO of King Kong, a digital agency that started less than 2 years ago, now claims to have revenues of close to $4 million.

In this casual conversation, Suby tells us some of the ways King Kong is differentiating itself from its competitors, their USP, and much more.

Here are some extracts from the interview:

How and why did you start King Kong?

I took a look at what other digital agencies were doing and all they seemed to talk about were impressions, click-through rates and social reach – all of these are simply intangibles and aren’t designed to sell. They all failed to talk in actual dollars and ROI.

I saw a real gap in the market for an agency that would actually talk sales, revenue and customer acquisition to multiply a client’s marketing spend into ROI. No 'wishy washy’ branding campaigns or cute jingles, but actual sales and profit.

I made a decision and started the business, King Kong, in my bedroom, with nothing more than a computer. I was cold calling prospects and had my first client within days. 

What are your offerings at King Kong?

We’re a digital direct-response marketing agency. We’re all about growing traffic, leads and sales. We’re channel agnostic and only care about which channel is going to get our clients the best ROI, whether that be SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or YouTube.

Who do you help? In other words, who are your customers?

Professional services business and high-value product businesses whose customer lifetime value is greater than $3,000. Ideally, businesses that are turning in over $1 million+ in revenue and have employees, a sales team and a goal to scale their business. 

Where did you acquire your content marketing knowledge and expertise?

I learned about business by studying great people like David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz and the likes…They were doing content marketing before it became popular. Just Google “Guinness Guide to Oysters by David Ogilvy,” and see it for yourself.

What are three key strategies or action plans you implemented to grow so much so fast?

I think the best strategy, was really putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes and thinking of ways we could reverse the risk for them and guarantee results. The digital marketing industry is full of cow boys who ‘talk the talk’ and promise the world but unfortunately can’t deliver.

We realized early on that most businesses had been with two or three agencies and had been burnt. We flipped the script and came up with an industry-defining guarantee that puts prospects at ease.

What's one piece of advice you'd like to give our readers?

Ideas are easy, it’s all about the execution. Don’t worry about waiting your whole life for that ‘perfect idea’. Instead, make a conscious effort of forging an incredible work ethic in everything you do. As ultimately it doesn’t matter what business you choose to start, you’ll have competitors that more or less have the exact same idea as you (that’s why they’re competitors).

The difference between who wins or loses will come down to execution. Be a master at it.

Edition: June 2017

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