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Now Book an Uber While Shopping Online

Snapdeal now allows a frictionless in-app integration with Uber.
Now Book an Uber While Shopping Online
Image credit: Shutterstock

App –integration has been a common trend amongst top e-commerce. Cab aggregators and other  domains.  This acts as a symbiotic relationship for both the parties, wherein both parties seek to benefit.

Following the trend,  Snapdeal is now allowing a frictionless in-app integration with Uber. Through this integration, Uber will make travel even quicker and easier for millions of Snapdeal customers who will now be able to request an Uber directly through the Snapdeal app.

It’s not the first time for Uber, which has similar tie-ups with apps like Zomato,,  Redbus and Cleartrip.

On the other hand, Snapdeal recently announced the launch of a range of services on its platform, allowing customers to book flights, order food and even pay bills directly through its app.

Today, by integrating the Uber API, Snapdeal is giving its customers a holistic experience. When a user books a flight or a hotel from within the Snapdeal app, they can now travel to the airport or the hotel using Uber, booked from right within the Snapdeal app* without having the Uber app installed on their devices.

“This partnership with Snapdeal is the first completely native Uber API integration in India and we are excited about this, as we share the same sentiment of building an ecosystem where we work together with other technology companies in order to give customers a hassle-free, end-to-end experience,” Mahesh Bhalla,  Head of Business, Uber India.

Snapdeal, which is in the process of beefing up its fashion brands and product offerings, considers this integration as an important milestone in that direction.