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6 Important Things a Startup Designer Should Know

While designing, always remember that you are starting fresh!
6 Important Things a Startup Designer Should Know
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6 important things a startup designer should know: Designers are creators that have a magical wand to create anything and everything at any given point. If you are a startup designer your passion and the desire to be more creative will be on a higher level which is the best part about doing something on your own. These are 6 things that I feel are essential if you are planning to venture as a startup designer.

  • Decide the type of design you are really good which means use your USP as your master key to start your designing engine
  • While designing, always remember that you are starting fresh and so you need to be jugaadi. So, work smarter not harder or longer.
  • As its said that time is more precious than money but frankly speaking when starting up money management is more precious then time. I don't say that deadlines are not important but it's advisable that you start working from the 1st day itself and not on the last day because creativity is something that needs time to imagine. Conceptualisation makes a design perfect ,so, ample amount of time is required to save money while designing or planning of investment.
  • We all have a USP for our startup but please before starting something new please make a prototype and share it with friends and family.Look at their taste for the concept closely and see if they liked it. Tell them to rate it out of 5 and subsequently brain storm on why they did not rate something adequately. Customer is king!
  • A designer is specialised not just in designing but in making a Quality and practical product. A startup designer should have the capacity to make best quality in best price.
  • Study the current forecasts and try to create a a new trend for ur collection. Always try that ur clients follow it and it becomes a classic forever! Lastly be fearless ,determined and reach out for the stars !!!