Do we really need smartphones in life? Here are the reasons why we do not!

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If someone from the past were to visit us today, and we were to tell him/her that the world today has more people who have got access to smartphones, than those who have access to a toilet, they’d be surprised! Now if you’re to tell them that the average smartphone has more than 50 times the power of the computer that helped mankind escape the Earth’s atmosphere and land on the moon, costs less than 20% of an average person’s salary, has the power to access the collective intelligence of all of mankind within seconds, yet people use it to watch videos of cats playing with a ball of yarn, they’d be surprised; again!

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Unfortunately or humorously, that’s the stage of smartphones existing in the world today – everyone’s got one, but not entirely sure where and how to use that entire horsepower. Think about it – do you really need a newer model of a smartphone?

Marketing has the power to convince virtually anyone, that they need a new product when they actually don’t. Haven’t you been hypnotized by marketing and peer pressures of society to buy that latest set? So here we are, with our top reasons why you might not actually need that new smartphone- at all!

Exactly what’s wrong with your current handset?

Unless there’s a visible physical damage on your handset, there’s hardly any reason to upgrade. Even if there is a physical damage, there are official and unofficial stores that will repair and make it all new gain, at the cheapest possible price. Adding a cover might help future damages though. Think over carefully, why you even think you need a new smartphone and you’ll see the list of reasons is actually pretty narrow.

No, you don’t really need more RAM

What do you plan to do by saving that 1 second if your smartphone has more RAM? Pokémon Go taking one second more to load is certainly not going to be worth working more than two weeks to get the latest smartphone. Are you into designing and programming new apps for smartphones? Probably not! That’s why that quad core 4GB smartphone holds virtually no benefit to you.

Try updating the software if you’re experiencing glitches

Software upgrades extended to the latest model for almost all handsets make sure that your phone’s life is extended seamlessly. If there’s a specific glitch that you need to get worked around, that the latest software upgrade isn’t solving, try Googling out the solution – there should be hundreds of solutions available for free online. If there are significant features unlocked by a software upgrade that your current set doesn’t allow, consider Jailbreaking/unlocking/rooting the set – it holds the power to alter your operating system to ways you’d think are impossible.

You are not defined by your smartphone

Sure, marketers would like to think that everyone praising you buying the latest smartphone is going to get you all the respect and admiration you need. In reality, nobody is even going to look twice after just a short congratulation and you’ll be stuck paying installments for months to come. Also, you might possibly need to reconsider why you’re so prone to others opinion of you, if this applies to you.

Try a skin or a cover to change the look

The possibilities of covers, laminates, colorful patterns and designs and even body replicas are virtually infinite for every smartphone out there. There’s definitely one (or a dozen) for your handset as well. Just changing the way your smartphone looks, changes the way you feel about it. Try one out before you ditch it.

You need more storage/better camera

Well, that probably is a right and valid reason to consider an upgrade. But think it off financially – is it really worth it? Are pictures of how adorable your dog is cuddling on the floor to be put on Instagram really worth 15-20,000 rupees more? Can’t you backup your old photos on the cloud or your computer and delete some silly apps to make room for more storage?

I drop my iPhone 5S virtually 2-3 times a day, and even with its cracked screen and some weird problem that makes it restart on its own for no good reason, I’m stubbornly stuck to it.

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