Things You Should Never Do Behind Your Boss

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Working is hard, no matter what field you’re in or what you do. From the realization how dissatisfied your job may be, working well under your potential and possibly a pay that’s painfully low to even costs of existence, you’re often left wondering, is this even worth it? Did you really study all those years of college just to reach this point in your life? When such loathing simmers, it often vents out to the most visible face of the organization – the boss. On the surface, your boss is living the ideal life – minimal work, extremely high pay, work whenever they want to and not when they don’t feel like, shout at anyone they feel like, whenever they feel like. Your boss would easily be the number one topic to gossip or chat about during your office hours, but is it worth it?


There are certain things that would be nailing your own coffin if you followed through at your workplace. Not only would your professional career be potentially jeopardized,  but you also put yourself in an unwanted conversation. Here are some things you should never do behind your boss’s back:

Talk ill about the organization

Even if your boss is the son of Satan himself, needless to say, you should never talk about him/her or the organization. Nobody likes an ungrateful employee using their organizations resources yet not being grateful for the same! Of course you don’t need to be a total rear kisser to impress your boss either, but it’s nice to not go out of your way to criticize it either.

Use company resources for personal use

While a certain amount of personal usage of office utilities is not only acceptable but also to be accounted for, using the same resources over and over again eventually will catch up on you. Try to limit the amount of personal calls, travel and even stationary to the minimum using office utilizes and within working hours. Even if your boss is a billionaire, they would not appreciate their few cents worth being used to momentarily make you happy.


If the boss is not in office yet, that enables you to probably work a bit slower than usual – but not really slow. Just make sure you meet your deadlines on time as much as possible, and you’ll be good. Simply finding ways not to reach goals would put you in the limelight and that’s something nobody would want.

Complaining directly to the boss

It may be tempting to complain directly to your boss about something wrong in your work area, style or seniors, but please don’t. Follow the proper channel and complain through the HR/ shift in charge or the next person in line first. No boss would appreciate being burdened by several employee complains directly when they’re dealing with so many other things at the same time.

Run proxy connections to build personal connections through your organization

While easily the most tempting thing to do at work, this is a sure shot way to backfire flat on your face very soon. Making a proxy company out of your current workplace, by making contacts at a personal level instead of representing your parent company is often a violation of most workplace contracts. Even if its not, it’s a sign of being a traitor to your organization.

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