What Indian Entrepreneurs Think Electorates Should Keep in Mind

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As U.S. Presidential Elections commence, India and other countries eagerly await the decision of the commoners as they pick President Barrack Obama's successor to the post. Both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump come with their own set of views on international trade, immigration, policies and other matters, which are set to have their respective impact on other economies as well.


Leadership – is a term used to a bunch of qualities one should have to steer a pack of people to the right destination. It's not a quality that every other person can boast of. We at Entrepreneur India asked Indian startup founders as to what are the qualities that one should consider prior to casting their vote.


A leader should have the ability to take ownership of his and the team's actions, both in the case of good and bad scenarios.

''A person is accountable for her/his own decision(s) made by applying the powers bestowed on them. For me, the ideal leader is that person who is wise and clear in his vision to plan, invest in over- all growth and be able to lead during triumph and tribulations and glorify the potential of a nation on the global map. I would like to select an astute leader who has the precise knowledge and the bravado to take decisions that might not be populist at the beginning, but will definitely have far-reaching positive effects,'' Anuj Rakyan, Founder and MD, RAW Pressery.

Leader's own credibility

As an electorate it's very important to look at the background and credibility of the candidate. The contesting candidate should have a body of work that makes him eligible for that post.


The potential candidate should have the clear vision as to where and how he wants to steer his organization/country/team during his tenure. There is nothing more unfortunate than having a leader who cannot articulate his vision within his co-workers. What's more unfortunate is that this in turns impacts his team members and creates havoc.

"The two most important winning factors in a leader are (a) a compelling vision and (b) the leader's own credibility. The vision has to be articulated so well that every person in the audience feels that it is reflecting her or his own hopes and aspirations for the future. At the same time, a vision can be just mere words - unless the leader can demonstrate a proven track record of having delivered in similar roles in the past," Subrata Ghosh, CEO & Founder, Redstone Learning

As Trump and Clinton fight it out in the last leg of the battle, it will be interesting to see how the victorious candidate eventually displays these leadership traits during his or her tenure.