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Infographic: How To Combine The Power Of Email And Social Marketing

Infographic: How To Combine The Power Of Email And Social Marketing
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Analyze the composition of any organization’s marketing strategy today, and you will see two tools leading the efforts: email marketing and social marketing. A recent PayFort infographic highlights ways in which enterprises can derive benefits by combining these two marketing strategies (as different as apples and oranges), instead of utilizing them as two distinct tools. Stressing on the significance of email marketing in today’s digital world with some stats, the infographic estimates that email marketing offers a massive 3800% of average return on investment with 82% of enterprises using email marketing technique. The study also reveals that email, as a medium, has been found to be 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers when compared to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Offering companies a few ways to integrate both marketing strategies, the infographic says that incentivizing newsletter readers to share your email content on their social networks, promoting the organization’s email marketing campaigns on their own social media channels, and putting out catchy content snapshots from the newsletter on social media, are a few ways to derive best efforts out of the combination of email and social marketing. Check out the infographic below for more insights.

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