5 Life Lessons to Learn On Entrepreneurship From Uber Founder Travis Kalanick

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick shared his exciting life experiences that every entrepreneur must read.

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It’s an absolutely extra-ordinary experience once you get an opportunity to listen to the pioneers like Travis Kalanick on his life’s experiences feed. In the five-day trip to India, the techno pioneer Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick shared his exciting life experiences that every entrepreneur must read. 

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From a failed startup to now the company that is operating in 128 countries worldwide, Travis, is one of the astute entrepreneurs to emerge in recent years. In a public interview with the India’s NITI Aayog Chief, Amitabh Kant, Travis said, "India is the big market to invest and raise more investors on ground." He also added that he will apply for the citizenship of India if it will come to him being Indian, on asking about the competition of his rival home-grown company, Ola. One of the most idiosyncratic characters from Silicon Valley in the list of big entrepreneurs and business leaders, Travis shared his valuable insights on entrepreneurship in today’s scenario.

Let us take a look at the 5 lessons which he proudly shared with the Indian and international audiences.

  • "First five years, I did not pay myself a salary"

His past sting with Red Swoosh and Scour proves his 'never give-up' attribute. In the event, Travis shared his feeling of what keeps him going, and its sole reason is he was doing what he enjoys doing the most. 

  • "Every problem is an engineering problem."

On asking engineer choosing entrepreneurial path, Travis said, In entrepreneurship, we need engineering mindset to sort with problems. What would I advise someone is to embrace it. It' indeed helps in better way to sort out with problems."

  • "Having a champions mindset."

"The champions mind is not about winning and losing - but knowing you can get up and fight it - so you would never loose and that is what makes you a true entrepreneur."

  • "Your Co-founders are like family. But when you have too many co founders decision making is difficult."

Travis, on having too many co-founders a problematic decision for the better future of the company. 

  • “You have to like the hard stuff and try to make the impossible possible to be an entrepreneur”

With his overly vibrant voice, the 40 year-old stalwart entrepreneur said, "As entrepreneurs be prepared for the hard stuff. Start liking it showing people imposible is possible."