#4 Robotics Startups That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Technology is advancing so fast we cannot predict the future in the next few years. Similarly, with rise of machines, robots are fast taking over humans. These artificial intelligence machines are designed to perform the same and repetitive tasks currently performed by humans in a safer, faster and more reliable style. The robotic industry is increasing phenomenally and thousands of robotic companies are entering into the market, both with manufacturing robots and service robots.


Globally also many companies choosing to use robots to increase productivity while cutting costs. The robot name Chloe was employed at Best Buy to help customers at its Chelsea location store in Manhattan.

Here is a list of 4 such Indian startups that cannot be overlooked:

A Robotic Vaccum Cleaner :

Have you always longed for a clean and organized home? The consumer electronics company Milagrow has made a robotic vacuum to free up your time and help with the chores. Milagrow makes robotic vacuum cleaners, window cleaning robots and body massaging robots.The company was founded by Rajeev Karwal in 2007. Through its "HumanTech" division, it entered the tablet market in 2011, and the domestic robots market in 2012. 

Story - Teller Robot With Gesture Controls :


Gade Autonomous Systems, a Mumbai-based firm created India's First Marketing and Advertising Robot named AdverTron. The company aims to introduce state-of-the-art social and service robots which could communicate with human beings and their surroundings. The robot serves as your mobile information desk, tour guide, brand mascot, or entertainment robot for your shops, shopping malls, trade fairs, exhibitions, museums and for marketing events of any kind. The company also creates story - telling robots and augmented reality kiosks capable of interacting through gestures.

The Simplest Telepresence Robot

I2U2, a Made In India telepresence robot can convert your smartphone or tablet into a smart, video enabled & navigable robot.You can also control this robot remotely with your mobile or PC via the internet. Created by Dr. Myshkin Ingawale, the I2U2 helps you to be virtually present at home or office while avoiding places that cameras may ignore. The machine consists of two parts, the controller app – which controls the robot, and the robot app – which looks after the hardware.

Robots For Warehouse Automation:

Robotics startup Grey Orange, set up in 2009, builds robots for warehouse automation of logistics and ecommerce companies for fast deliveries. The three robots made by the company are : the Profiler, Sorter, and Butler. Butler is an advanced automated storage and order picking system that makes your warehouse operations easier. Whereas, the Sorter is an advanced robotics system that helps companies around the world optimize their outbound profiling & sortation process at warehouses of all sizes.