"India as a nation prefers partnerships over polarization" - PM Narendra Modi

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The Raisina Dialogue is India's flagship conference engaging with geopolitics and geo- economics. It is designed to explore and examine the prospects and opportunities for Asian integration as well as Asia's integration with the larger world.


Speaking at the inaugural talk at the conference, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his thoughts on the country’s international collaborations and relations with neighbouring countries.

Talking about India’s role in the global economy, PM Modi said that the world needs India's sustained rise as much as India needs the world. “It is therefore only natural that India's choices at home and international priorities form a seamless continuity,” he added.

“We hold the belief that success of one must propel the growth of many,” PM added. “ India as a nation prefers partnerships over polarizations,” he adds.

Modi also highlighted the fact that Buddhism, yoga and Ayurveda are recognized as invaluable heritage of humanity as a whole today and that India is an active participant of all global initiatives, including global warming.

Globally connected societies, digital opportunities, technological shifts, knowledge boom and innovation are leading the march of humanity," he adds.

Ties with neighbouring countries

Talking about sustaining global relationships and peaceful ties with neighbouring countries, PM Modi said that Pakistan must walk away from terror if it wants to walk towards dialogue with India and stressed on the fact that over the last two and half years, India has successfully partnered with all neighbouring countries to bring the entire region together.

PM Modi highlighted the fact that the country has shouldered the international burdens of its commitments to all countries over the years and has infact always come to the resuce of all nations during difficult times.

More than 250 representatives of 65 nations are participating in the second Raisina Dialogue. The conference is themed around "New Normal: Multi-lateralism with Multi-Polarity", the meet is focussing on deliberate on strategic issues including new challenges and cyber security.