How are Couples saying 'I do' to Tech-friendly Weddings

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Planning a wedding remains to great extent, a traditional pursuit. For many couples, it is a baffling month long affair that requires great inspection into factors such as costs on venues, list of vendors and other services. Today, many matrimonial platforms are trying to cut down on that wastage of unnecessary hassles by harnessing new technologies that can capture a slice of a multibillion-dollar industry. 


As we are aware, technology is rapidly becoming the key string to harmonize our lives with current trends. So, how can the digital aspect take a back seat when it comes to sprucing up wedding vows?

 Here’s how you can incorporate high-tech trends into your big day to make it an unforgettable experience for you and for your guests. 

Looking for a soul Mate!

Gone are the days when we use to find the right companion through traditional tropes acquaintances. At present, the process of seeking a life partner has gone beyond those stereotypical approaches, enlisting internet as an ally.  One can now choose from dozens of reputable online dating platforms and browse through a variety of profiles.

These platforms are not only providing substantial advantage in finding the right partner but also increasing the probability of finding the apt match by suggesting a profile with precise compatibility. Thus, finding a soul mate in this technology driven era is as easy as it looks.

Is planning your big day turning you into Bridezilla?

Infusing technology while planning your wedding can save you from the entire commotion, and there is no doubt in starting with apps. From preparing the guest list, to communicating with vendors, disseminating mass invites (Text & Video Invites), and managing finances; the preparation for the big event can be at your fingertips.  Apps related to budget, music, and vendors are essential ones to ease every step in your hassle. Also, these applications give an advantage of mobility- taking your wedding plans wherever you want. So, forget the excel sheet and download an easier, workable app to plan your big day.

Don’t fret if your loved one can’t make it to your wedding

Through a wedding website, you can webcast your entire wedding ceremony for those who could not attend the wedding. Just get a website ready, for people to easily watch or download the affair.  Live video - streaming is the latest innovation to have friends and family far off to take part in the ceremony. But aye, they will miss plenty of those spicy gossips and glad-hankering, the “interviewing” aunts, the food and the hugs.

Now gifting wouldn’t be a tedious affair

 Receiving gifts often turns out to be a strenuous affair, with couples complaining about the level of unnecessary gifts they receive. Today, with innovative gifting portals, couples can effortlessly convey/ upload their wishes and desires; taking hints from which, friends and relatives can buy and  offer gifts that exactly matches the desire and expectations.