The Supercar Reseller in the Automobile Industry - Jatin Ahuja

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Entrepreneur Magazine is glad to present Jatin Ahuja, Managing Director, Big Boy Toyz who made it to our 35 under 35 special.

There are very few people who are able to pursue their passions and indeed fewer parents who let their children turn their passions into profession. Jatin Ahuja is the lucky boy who got his passion of exotic cars transformed into a venture and got his father, a CA on board to look over the finance department. Big Boys Toyz, a division of Magus Cars sells pre-owned high end exotic beauties to other enthusiasts who may afford it, at a price they never bargain. Asked about what are his interests apart from cars, he says, “Unfortunately, I have no other interests.”

Back in school, Jatin used to tell the brand of a car blindfolded by the noise it made, and in college, he successfully revamped and sold a damaged maroon S Class at a profit of 25 lakhs. That, he calls as his biggest turning point in life. His biggest inspiration is Dilip Chhabria of DC Designs and he likes to make friends out of his passionate customers.

For Big Boy Toyz, the annual turnover is currently around Rs. 200 crores, but Jatin is investing back all his earnings to grow exponentially pan-India. The best thing is that he hasn’t yet divested the equity and prefers bank loans for bigger investments

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