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10 Extreme Career Changes by Celebrities (Infographic)

From Pope Francis to Mick Jagger -- these famous people took major turns in their careers.

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Many people make major career changes in the middle of their lives. Look at , he went from champion bodybuilder to real estate mogul to actor to governor of . The Austrian-born knows that it’s never too late to pursue your passions.

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Pope Francis

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Age should never be a factor that deters you from your next career. designer Vera Wang wanted to be a professional ice skater. But after not making the cut for the 1968 team, she became an editor at . By 40, she decided to go off on her own entrepreneurial journey and became one of the most acclaimed in the U.S.

Even had an unlikely beginning. Before he was ordained, he was a bouncer at a bar in his home country of Argentina.

From Mick Jagger to -- some of your favorite celebrities started their careers in some unexpected ways. Check out SilverDoor’s infographic below to learn more.

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