Ladies, Care for Good Work Life Balance? Try these #4 Wearables

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Wearable technology is perhaps one of the biggest trendsetters in the market today. There was a time when wearable was an untapped segment but now this trend is capturing the workplace. The wearable trend is on the rise in recent years, with companies making the work easier and employees productive with this technology. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adopting wearing technology targeting busy women leaders as long as it's done in the right way.


Given below are four wearables that can take women productivity to next level:

A Smart Bracelet:

Do you think wearables are too bulky to get your hands on them? MEMI can solve this problem by a slim iPhone-compatible smart bracelet that discreetly vibrates when you receive an important phone call, text message or calendar alert. The best part is you can customize the people – like your boss, babysitter, parents, or significant other – who “break through” to your bracelet via an app so that you can put your phone away without worrying you’re going to miss something important.

A Wearable to Remember Your Password:


It's easy to create strong passwords, but hard to remember it. The Nymi Band is a wearable, multi-factor authenticator that can be used with any application, device or service. Nymi band helps to simplify the authentication process using a variety of biometric modalities including HeartID, Nymi’s unique heartbeat authentication technology, as well as Apple’s Touch ID and other strong authentication methods. The Nymi Band identifies the original wearer’s heartbeat.

HeartID is a Nymi-built technology that uses an individual’s unique electrocardiogram (or ECG) for authentication. With this band one doesn’t have to remember the password, pin, security door credentials, and even house keys.

A Wearable device to Manage Alertness and Eliminate Fatigue at Workplace:

Fatigue monitoring wearable Life by SmartCap can be easily integrated into any headwear. The wearable technology uses the gold standard in sleep science, EEG technology to measure brain activity to determine an individual’s alertness and fatigue levels. It monitors your fatigue levels anywhere, anytime via Bluetooth and alerts to prevent microsleeps before they happen. In 2016, Life by SmartCap was launched along with the Life App that can connect to the LifeBand via Bluetooth.

A Wearable That Enhances Your Posture:


If you have a desk job then working in an office can cause absolute health hazard on our bodies. Lumo Lift is a tiny posture coach and activity tracker that works with a free iOS and Android app to help you sit straighter, stand taller, and look better. You can wear Lumo attaching the device to your shirt with the magnetic clasp. Set your target posture and the device will gently vibrate when you slouch.