This Designer is Bringing a Bit of the Corporate Edge to Design

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Designing ideally is how one starts the process. They burn the midnight oil, sketch and build on paper. However, come morning and the ideal design needs to be broken down to a process. It needs to be documented, there needs to be an order to the drawings, a process to the communication and only then can a design be rendered the way it was imagined.

Working for 13 odd years in the industry Sahiba Singh realized how lack of implementation, kills designs in most cases and causes a discord amongst the designer and the client. That’s how she started bringing a bit of the corporate edge to design, which seemed to be working very well for the projects and has been appreciated by her clients as well.

“I am extremely proud of the fact that I've been able to run my company like a business and yet, not let the practicality of running an organization dilute design,” adds Singh who has seen highs and lows of her venture in 2012 where she lost everything.

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