How Uzma is Creating Space for Young Artists to Display their Work

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For Uzma who claims Prestige is in her genes, she was born to the company and has been able to transform it over the last 10 years through a dedicated corporate communications department that she created after she returned to India post her education in the UK. She says, “I found one thing which was missing was corporate communication. But now this has all changed and I still handle corporate communication. Be it brand building, editing, social media, everything is in house, taken care by Prestige group.”

Uzma has named Prestige’s in-house team ‘Sublime’ that came up in 2009 and has a varied area of interest including an art gallery, media buying, events management and most interestingly- tea. During her 6 year stay in the UK, her father told her that he has no plans to diversify if she does not want to come back to India. But it was all to change. In fact the dexterity with which she changed everything around the corporate communications must have startled her colleagues.

She tells, “My peers were very nice to me and they were open to changes and gave me an opportunity to do whatever I wanted to do.” Somewhere along the way she realized apart from the established artists, there is almost no space and platform for young and upcoming artists to display their works, and so ‘Sublime Galleria’ was born and established in the heart of Bangaluru’s art and culture hub- the UB City.

In a similarly different way, Uzma spearheaded the foundation of ‘Sublime House of Tea’ that sells the experience of exotic brews of handpicked gourmet tea for discerning enthusiasts. The great innovator that she is, Uzma reveals she is looking forward to Artificial Intelligence and art work to augment the communications space she is functioning in.

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