5 Steps Women Can Take to Fight Sexual Harassment At Workplace

An anonymous post has alleged serious misconduct by The Viral Fever founder Arunabh Kumar.

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In a chilling case of sexual harassment at a popular media startup The Viral Fever, an anonymous post has alleged misconduct by the company’s founder Arunabh Kumar.

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Touted as the man who caused disruption in the content business by making the Internet a mainstream medium for original content consumption, Kumar is known to have built a profitable online digital entertainment channel since inception.

Kumar’s company, which has a total team of 70 as of 2016, went on from leading the revolution of web series in the country, it has changed the branding and advertising business too.

But the media industry has ever been famous to have its dark side. TVF is now being seen as another media company that is biased against women and sexual harassment a part of the company culture.

While TVF has denied all allegations made by anonymous writer Indian Fowler, the post has triggered a series of revelations by other women who have alleged similar misconduct by the powerful startup founder.

The question arises what women can really do to combat inappropriate sexual advances at the workplace. 

Call Out

It took the woman behind the anonymous post two years to call out alleged continued misconduct. With startups working on tight budgets and smaller teams, it is unlikely for every company to have a formal sexual harassment committee that ensures speedy redressal in case of complaints.

Some women who have faced a similar atmosphere at the organization have come out in support of the anonymous writer and expressed their stories. Only when a girl gets up and calls out is when she garners support of others.

Spread The Word To Colleagues

A classic case of crying foul could follow once calling out on misconduct happens, especially when it concerns the top management of the company. In such cases, it is must the word is spread to colleagues, who could stand in support at the time of an HR scrutiny and similar misconduct with any fellow colleague.

One doesn’t know if they are alone in inappropriate advancements, and it’s best to invoke solidarity among staff to stand up with you.

Don’t Dismiss Misconduct For Fear of Being Tagged

Women often shrug off serious misconduct by fellow male colleagues or bosses due to the fear of being tagged as ‘uncool’ or overly touchy.

In order to ensure the culprit is taken to task, it is a must for women to acknowledge any advancement that appears inappropriate. Repeated offence can hurt one’s mental health cause severe stress to the point where calling out appears arduous.

Use Social Media

It’s 2017, and there is no place for tolerance of any kind of sexual harassment. In the world of digital media, it is easy for individuals to find a platform to express their grievances or call out any grave misconduct by naming and shaming offenders.

The medium offers those afraid to take offenders to task by the help of a public trial, and must be considered by those who find workplace hostile and inefficient in addressing concerns raised.  

File an FIR

Taking the legal recourse is a crucial step that female colleagues must take to ensure their jobs are secured and the case is taken seriously. One of the fears that plague female staff is the threat of losing their jobs. In case of a formal litigation, companies would fear taking any unjust measures and are likely to ensure the matter sees a mutual and viable resolution to meet concerns raised.