How Native Ads are Revolutionizing the Indian Advertising Industry

Brands in India are changing the way they advertise. Are we soon going to say goodbye to big banner ads?

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Brands in India are changing the way they advertise. Are we soon going to say goodbye to big banner ads?


A shift from outdoor advertising to native ads is worth noting as a big change is taking place in the parlance of advertising today.

Until now, most of us were only aware of the display ads, social ads, or video ads published on the digital interfaces. But with the increasing reach and penetration of internet, the scope and diversity of online advertising has gained a robust momentum.

To provide better engagement of audiences with brands, today companies are adopting a niche standard of advertising, which is called native advertising. Recently, several Indian publications like NDTV, Rediff, Flipkart, Zero Games and many more have adopted this format of advertising online. In fact, a research data from BIA/Kenseley says that native advertising is expected to grow globally from $1.6 billion market to $4.6 billion market.

Outdoor ads v/s Native ads in APAC

In a phase, when India is picking up its big time growth stature in the internet consumption patterns among various countries in Asia-Pacific region, new mediums of advertising are becoming a strong challenge to older mediums.

Native advertising is proving to be a potential game changer in the digital marketing ecosystem. While nearly 120 million users of India enjoy mobile browsing with in-built ad blocking software, the outdoor advertising is losing the eyeballs. According to a recent study of a China-based ad tech company, Vpon claims that unlike banner ads on digital medium, native ads consume lesser data and are more engaging. The moot question that is taking rounds in Indian market is, are banners still a predominant medium to advertise in India?

Native Ads - More Engaging

Rapidly increasing platforms for native advertising in India are seemingly a beginning of a revolution in advertisement industry. Amid heralding the hard-hitting forms of advertising, native ads are becoming one of the big mediums of advertising for marketers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the shining examples of feed based advertising in native advertising segment. The fusion of social media platforms and native ad platforms help brands supplement conventional metrics such as engagement, analytics, Pay Per Click and views.

As long as the content of article tells readers a story they can relate to, the native ads would gain massive amount of attraction on promoting it on social media, unlike advertorials on newspapers which publish the brand centric content. This is what makes native ads more engaging on digital evolution.