How AI-enabled Real-time Optimization Will Shape Content in Future

Digital marketers can well frame a strategy based on this analysis of the pinpointed audiences from different domains

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is an attempt by the human mind to make machine function like a human brain with predictive analysis.

As and when I happen to listen to the buzzword ‘AI’, the charming figures from Hollywood movies like Jarvis, Samantha, and Hal pop up before my eyes.

There seems to be the incredible possibility of a well-tuned relationship of a customer and seller, especially by the innovative blending with marketing. It is doubtless that AI has a great role to play in the coming days, making our lives easier and comfortable. Let us have a look how AI can re-mould the digital marketing patterns.

Accurate Search Results

The best experience today we have from the search engines is the ease of searching the things you are looking for. The moment you tap the keys of your laptop, a list of relevant search words emerges, making your destined search easy. This is nothing but the AI that gives you the relevant search words, based on the algorithms set after in-depth endevour.

For marketers, it is immensely helpful as it would be possible to change the wind direction on the internet. You will be able to re-direct the web-traffic to land on your desired webpage.

Content Assistance

The best AI can offer to the marketers is the suggestions in respect of the items people have selected while shopping online. For example, while making a purchase online, when you enter the name of an item you intend to buy, the relevant items are showcased, tempting you sometimes to purchase them.

Systematised Inbound Marketing

The AI has emerged as one of the best for the A/B testing. Real-time optimization can be possible with the help of AI.

The digital marketers can well frame a strategy based on this analysis of the pinpointed audiences from different domains.

Well-segmented Email Marketing

Have you ever stopped to think how many emails are entertained or read deeply and why? Artificial Intelligence can bring about a revolutionary change in email marketing with some more sophisticated features like specific subject line, hyper-personalization, and well-segmented emailing based on the past communication flow. Email campaigning will be more intuitive and productive with AI and will enable the digital marketers to apply their efforts in the right direction and at the right time. This is what we realize being followed by some of the e-commerce store leaders.

Interactive Chatbots

This is one of the most effective and interactive which has become possible with AI.

When you are dealing with human shoppers you are bound to entertain every minute query they have in their mind and moreover, this query consists of a of questions from price, offer, discount, availability, colours, models, compatibility, order, execution of the order, to the transit time and so on. You must have realized in the recent past these chatbots have turned up as the most successful feature of an online store.

Besides, they have succeeded in engaging a customer on site for a quite longer time which once again increases the possibility of more online purchase.

Artificial Intelligence has still a long way to go no matter how many words we pen on this subject. It is sure to make us realize how intelligent the machine is and how smart a human brain is! Let us conclude it with the words of Sebastian Thrun, "Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It's really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition."