Infographic: Graphic Design Jargon: Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

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Does your job involve working with the creatives (a.k.a. the designers) on projects, and do you often wish that you spoke "their language" to ensure fruitful exchange of ideas? If yes, this recent infographic brought out by PayFort, titled Graphic Design Jargon: Get The Most Out Of Your Designer, is certain to be of value to you. For all those times, when you have a structure in mind for your design, but just can't seem to communicate it effectively to the creators, the infographic explains the various jargons, highlighting terms commonly causing confusions.

For instance, if you use "backdrop" and "background" interchangeably, you should check out the critical difference between the two, which the infographic clearly explains. And before going to your designer about a project, the infograph wants you to assess what you need, and must request for. If you need just a blueprint for the final design, it's the term "wireframe" that you should be using. But, if you need accurate representations of the deliverables, ask for a "prototype," it says. For many more such handy pointers, which you may need to brush up on your design language, check out the entire infographic below.

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