This Entrepreneur is Juggling with Multiple Ventures at 25

This author, motivational speaker and movie producer doesn't consider managing more than one project at a time counterproductive

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Managing multiple business ventures single-handed is fraught with challenges, but, nonetheless has its own thrills.

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It’s difficult to juggle with two different projects, but many big entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are managing two companies simultaneously and solo.

Many would argue that managing multiple ventures may decrease your ability but Sanil Sachar, a 25-year-old author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and movie producer doesn’t consider it as counter-productive.      

Now, Sanil has started an incubator project, ‘Huddle’, which is creating a connect between start-ups and industry leaders, who will provide the intellectual, social and financial support needed for combined success.

‘Entrepreneurship Is About Building Something New’

Delhi-based Sachar suggested that entrepreneurship is exploiting one’s talents to the hilt to create something new.

“The most important aspect is the industry, which should thrive either through you or through someone you introduce,” he said.

 He is constantly mentoring and counseling start-ups to enable them to reach their set targets.

“Huddle, Co-founded by my business partner Ishaan Khosla, will start its operations in October. We are looking towards harboring 60 ‘Huddlers’ with the aim of providing them a one-on-one mentorship model, specific to their venture,” he stressed.

The idea behind the incubator is to provide contextual, financial, intellectual and social support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Create Team Leadership

Sachar was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug early in his life, when he saw that certain gaps in the market weren’t being plugged.

“I had a minor OCD of sorts that inspired me to push myself to address the needs of the market, rather than having someone else do it,” he said, adding that he wants to grow fast in his job, while bringing in new players into each field.

“It is important to create team leadership by encouraging others to enter. This doesn’t necessarily create competition. It encourages an ecosystem in your sector that will continue growing,” he added.

As a Co-owner of Trusox, a global sports brand in India, Sachar wants to continue to help athletes in India perform at their level best. Trusox is manufacturing sports costumes.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?

Running several ventures at a time means you will have to double your workload, time and energy. For Sachar, the main challenge was to begin in a calculated manner.

“You can’t start from the fifth gear. We have to pace ourselves and accelerate at our own speed and not be in a mad rush to beat others,” he said

The term entrepreneur adheres to it the idea of freedom to follow a number of disciplines. Sachar is currently focusing on his present goals and not looking ahead.

“I believe in planning for the future with today’s actions. I want to continue creating, whether it is books, movies, opportunities for starts-ups, sports apparel, or even an improved version of myself. The aim is never to stop,” he concluded.

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