What No One Tells You About Outsourcing App Development

With in-house app development, your app is in the hands of limited number of people, having the similar set of skills

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'Of course, you can outsource.' Quite astonishing, right? For all these donkey's years, what we all have been hearing is all pessimistic things about outsourcing when it comes to app development. But why? Yes, I do agree in house app development has pros one could not take the eyes off from but outsourcing is beneficial on its own side. Basically, why people think of outsourcing at first?

  1. Start-ups who have a shoe string budget and striving hard to save funds.
  2. Founders who aready initiated with the app development project, but couldn't pull it off. They are half way through and want someone to accomplish the remaining task.

By such people, outsourcing has ingrained this bad reputation. But, hold on, this is not all that outsourcing is meant for. It's not predetermined low price entails low quality. A huge crowd is turning their way towards mobile app development India, you know why? The labor in India is cheap and yes, the output is also satisfactory. It's high time now, we have to change the opinion that you would be left with half broken, dysfunctional and buggy app. Let's burn this old trash and come up with fresh facts.

With Low Price, Your App Rise

Let's be honest, even with the high budget, money saving always gives happiness. With in-house app development, your app is in the hands of limited persons having the similar set of skills. On a contrary, outsourcing gives your app varied touch. In house app development also integrates the same tech which is not with outsourcing, they have a varied tech to equip your app with. You just have to be smart with how you communicate and who you hire. If your idea is very confidential and would be risky then only outsourcing should be avoided.

Go Global

App development should not be restricted to the boundaries, with the advancement in technology, the boundaries between the world is blurred and why let it be seen in your app development. When your app gets the global touch, chances of getting attention from the global audience are also high. The chances of getting fooled by companies of other countries are higher. Do proper research, check portfolio, read the reviews and then choose the company you think is reliable. Check this list of top mobile app development agency and if you find these reliable, pick any one from this list.

Twin Apps

Many people have a misconception that reputable companies don't undertake the project of developing identical apps as it is a black spot on their brand image and hence, outsourcing is the way out. If you are on any such agenda than to warn you, even if you opt for in house development or outsource the app, you are not going to get what you are working for.

After clearing out all the misconceptions that people have ingrained in the mind for years, you must have some positive insight into your mind. If you have never outsourced then this risk is worth taking. Let's know what to take care of while undertaking the same.

Time Zone

When you are handing over your app development project in another country, you have to be on track with the two-time zone. Agile methods and SCRUM can be a bit tricky to handle with two different time zones, be prepared for these challenges to tackle.


The base of any project is communication with the team, management, and also with the management and founder. Outsourcing can be much easier if communication barriers and cultural barriers were eradicated. If you are outsourcing be precise for communication. Be specific on what you want or else you might face the situation where plenty of re-do's are on your way.

You Get What You Pay

Price should not be your priority when you seek for mobile app development, it's quite a clich?. It might be possible that if you fall for a cheap budget, you might also get cheap service in return. Outsourcing in itself is far cost-saving as compared to that with in-house app development and trying to save even more is really something you should not be trying.