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We have compiled a list of Top 100 Startup Incubators

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Entrepreneur is now officially two-year-old in India and is having its Aha moment as its currency is rising along with the entrepreneurs it covers. India is at crossroads today, one part is modern and the rest of India is struggling to modernize. Between popular entrepreneurship and mass innovation, it is a country, where there is no dearth of action. At the editorial desk, our approach is to democratize entrepreneurship – a small spark by a young man changing a region or a world changing idea by an IIT grad, a woman trying to make a point or an Indian enterprise owner thinking that the whole world is a country – is changing India and as our country marches forward – we are committed to get such growing entrepreneurs to share insights on what has kept them sleepless, what makes them work 20 hours a day, what they learn everyday of their lives.

For the second year running, we have compiled a list of Top 100 Startup Incubators. What has changed from last year clearly is the rise of student entrepreneurship and nearly 56 incubators are of educational institutions origin (set up by public and private institutes of higher education, technical & research institutes and through collaboration with corporate) as compared to 55 last year. Clearly our economy is encouraging college students, scientists and engineers to start new businesses. Corporate incubators that were in their start-up mode last year too, have started appearing in this year’s list.

I was at the IIFA Awards this year and what an experience it was. With all its glamour and razzmatazz and dream selling, the Bollywood Industry is far more cut throat than any I have seen. Some of our most beloved celebrities are not just a great face but also have a sharp mind to match and could well fit into the role of entrepreneurs. They live in a world where after a full day and full night of events, at 4:00 am – you need to look and talk as if the day has just started. IIFA gave me a first hand account of their hustle, that is undoubtedly more being an artist, in their deadly competitive industry. We are going to write more about their grit and perseverance in our ensuing issues about how they made it.

Our anniversary was commemorated at the annual Entrepreneur Convention, on July 18-19 in New Delhi, which had a series of dialogues and conversations between today’s entrepreneurs and their veteran counterparts, together bringing to the table the future of entrepreneurship. In case you missed being there, you can still catch it in our ensuing pages or videos on our Facebook and Twitter handles.

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