#8 Reasons Why Mobile Advertising is Essential for Start-ups

Potential growth rate of mobile advertising can be judged by the hike in mobile ad spend rate

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Mobile marketing is growing very hastily with more and more people switching to smartphones from generic mobile phones. Due to the increase in the number of smartphone users, a tough rivalry has emerged in the field of mobile advertising. Now every mobile marketer wants to allure their target audience with various strategies, which have boosted the competition among the publishers, advertisers, and marketers.


The potential growth rate of mobile advertising can also be judged by the hike in mobile ad spend rate which has witnessed an increase of 430% since 2013. Digital advertising is no longer limited to websites. In fact, mobile marketing is the new shining star of the advertising world.

In countries like India, which are going under a start-up revolution, mobile advertising is said to be a key player in their growth. Here are few pointers describing “Why mobile advertising is essential for start-ups.”

1. Mobile Advertising is the Primary Mode of Digital Advertising- Around 80% of Indians and 2 billion of world population prefer mobile phones for internet usage. Especially in India due to the recent telecom revolution, there has been a sudden hike in the mobile internet users. This simply means to reach the maximum number of audience, start-ups should target Mobile advertising as their primary mode of advertising.

2. Cost Effective and Gives Conversion-oriented Solution- In a start-up environment funds are always a sensitive subject and other methods of advertising cost a fortune. Mobile advertising is a lot cheaper and gives an effective solution to all the advertising related problems. It’s not only affordable but also gives a quick conversion to the marketers.

3. Better Understanding of Customers- Nowadays every brand wants to personally connect with its consumer to deliver their desired products. Mobile advertising is a direct medium where the advertiser can directly connect with its audience to sell its product. This also builds up better understanding between the brand and the consumer where the brand can understand the need of its consumer in order to cater them with better options.

4. SMS marketing- SMS marketing is a very powerful method of digital communication. It’s an effective way to get your messages read by your targeted audience. SMS has more chance of getting noticed than any other form of mobile advertising. SMS marketing helps start-ups to keep their consumers updated about their brand's promotional activities such as discounts and services.

5. Develop your Mobile Application - Mobile applications are a key pillar of the growth of any start-up. It’s the most efficacious method of consumer engagement. Mobile Application plays an important role for a start-up in the digital eco-system. And if you are also looking to endorse through mobile ads then also the application serves as the best platform for ad postings. If your company’s application is installed in the consumer’s mobile phone it will eventually build up a relation between the brand and the user and which is the reason why many start-ups prefer mobile application as it gives them a direct and instant monetary conversion. It also builds up a relation between the user and the brand.

6.  Get Noticed: For start-ups working in digital space and mobile space again, it’s very important for them to build a brand presence where the brand can talk about its products and its USP. Most start-ups promote their brand through ad pop-ups on various mobile applications.

7. User Review and Rating on App Store The downloading of your application depends on consumer rating and reviews on app stores such as Google play store. The user first compares the rating of your app with your competitors, before downloading the application. Building a good review of your brand’s application is a vital part of branding in mobile advertising. A good app review increases your chance of being downloaded by 90%. If you are a start-up, working on a very initial level, then also you can give direct competition to established companies by good consumer ratings.

8.Post-mobile Videos:  Create a short and entertaining promotional video about your brands so that they are more engaging. Always make sure the video is not too long, otherwise it will lose its charm. Long videos not only consume the data as well as also form apathy about your brand.

Always remember that mobile advertising is a very influential way of marketing in the digital era but this medium only gives the good outcome when you understand your audience otherwise all your strategies will fall fatal.

Ashish Bahukhandi

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Ashish Bahukhandi is the founding member of premium mobile and desktop ad network company, AppsDiscover Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He had completed his Engineering in Computer Science from Career Institute of Technology & Management (CITM), Faridabad, Haryana, India. Being a tech savvy, he envisaged a bright business opportunity in ever-growing internet industry which inspired him to establish AppsDiscover, a premium Digital Ad Network Marketing Company offering the most preferred online affiliate programs & affiliate marketing products which help advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds to advertise their brands (products/services) and track mobile ad campaigns in the easiest way possible. Started with an office in Gurgaon, Haryana the company’s operations have now extended far and wide in the South-East Asia market with a sturdy base in Singapore and Indonesia.