How These Start-ups are Giving Tourism a Much-needed Twist

Going beyond the normal business of booking trips, entrepreneurs are finding niche sectors in the travel industry

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An escapade into the valleys or an adventure ride into the jungle, travellers are always ready for their next big quest. But while they undertake these journeys, various ups and downs come their way. Recognizing the booming tourism industry and facilitating these trips for travellers are start-ups.

But they, too, are going beyond the normal business of booking trips or documenting travel stories. Entrepreneurs are finding niche sectors in the travel industry, which will still find an audience among travellers.

Here are the different ways in which start-ups are innovating and giving the tourism industry a much-needed twist.

All About the Experience

How many times have you walked into an unknown city and had a tough time trying to understand the local language or struggling to find the route to your destination? Considering that this is a problem for travelers, who still want to opt for authentic travels and not ones that are coordinated by Google, start-ups are organizing tours in cities. These tours focus on experiencing the city, the art and culture aspect of it. Byond Travel is one such start-up that encourages community travel and also makes way for discussions on culture, art, music and food.

Similarly, another start-up Padhaaro helps travellers get in touch with local guides or people who have knowledge of the area and then go on tours with them.

Sustainability for the Win

As travel gets more and more commercialized, places which were once secluded from humanity have now opened up for all. But with that comes the garbage that many irresponsible travellers leave behind. One such example is Pangong Lake, whose tourism rate shot up after its presence in the film ‘3 Idiots’. But what followed was people dirtying the otherwise serene place as they all gather at the spot where the film was shot.

Keeping in mind that tourism with responsibility needs to be introduced, start-ups are taking a stand. Greener Pastures is one such enterprise that is focused on the Northeast and promotes sustainable tourism in the area. With a focus on the environment, they organize tours and travels in the Northeast.

Who run the World? Girls

When it comes to travelling in India, women have often been apprehensive of solo travels or only-women groups planning a vacation. From questioning about the place being safe or not to giving second thoughts to late-night travels, there are various things that stop them for taking a trip. But coming to their rescue are start-ups like The Wander Girls or Jugni, which help women plan a safe trip with their customized tours.

Homes for Hippies

For travellers, who want to have the whole experience, there are start-ups that take it one step further by giving them authentic experiences. White Collar Hippie organizes home stays for travellers or even sets up camps next to beaches, promising off beat travel experiences to all.
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