How these Start-ups are Fighting Against Alzheimer's

Entrepreneurs are working on breakthrough technologies to provide better care to Dementia patients

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Memories are all we have, but when memories too fail us, the real struggle begins. Over 4.1 million people in India are grappling with Dementia. Alzheimer’s disease has taken a toll on many and the stigma around the disease further worsens the situation, not just for the ones who are affected but for their near and dear ones.


Working on breakthrough technologies, entrepreneurs are paying heed to the disease and are working on ways in which, if not a solution, better care can be provided to those suffering from the disease.

For World Alzheimer’s Month, Entrepreneur India takes a look at the various ways in which start-ups are working on the awareness of the disease.

Home Away from Home

For a patient of Dementia, 24*7 care along with medical assistance become a priority. But families often cannot provide for the same due to lack of time and expenses needed to manage the care. The worst situation comes in when families give up on these patients and decide to shun their responsibilities. Giving these patients, who have lost their way home are start-ups like Epoch Assisted Living. Their centres in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Pune are home to over 300 elderly citizens many of who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.   

On an Alert

When someone’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, it is important for the others around them to be alert. However, for patients who have to be alone due to unforeseen circumstances, start-ups are taking care of them with possibilities created through technology. The Bengaluru-based start-up easyM2M Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with a smartwatch called smartkavach, which sends alerts to emergency numbers in case the patient is in trouble. The device sends an alert when the patient has fallen down and also offers live video tracking.

Training for Better Care

While providing support to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s first important to understand the disease and the risks that come along with it. Healthcare start-ups like Care24, along with providing home assistance also facilitate training for others. They are working on developing modules, which will help in the training of people who can take care of Alzheimer patients.

Early Detection

One of the biggest steps in treating Alzheimer’s and keeping it under control is early detection. California-based startup Neurotrack is working on the early detection of Alzheimer’s through a simple five-minute test. This test that can be taken by anyone online. With their recent funding, they are working on making this test available online for all, and can this help in the diagnosis of the disease.

Creating Awareness

Considering that there’s a lot of stigma attached to the disease, it is very important to create awareness about the symptoms and the treatment of the disease. Healthcare At Home, an Indian start-up with operations in Delhi, recently forayed into Mumbai with an indigenous campaign called the Alzheimer’s local. Through this campaign, the local trains in Mumbai will be carrying announcements about the disease by referring to the “missing station”.

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